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Projects inspired by our team


Support of the LUHNA Summer Week – 3 weeks for 4 to 16 year-olds from the region – for environmental project topics initiated by us: Upcycling – ZeroWaste – Future


Oxygen delivery for India

After the second wave of Covid-19, the demand for medical grade oxygen by health care institutions was so great that it soon outstripped production capacity of all available medical grade oxygen.

At this point, the management of BT-Group Help contacted our REDWAVE partner in India, Mr Kartik Chauhan, to learn that there was an extreme shortage of oxygen concentrators. BT-Group Help supplied some of these oxygen units to India. These units were placed in remote rural clinics as well as in ambulances to provide oxygen to local people in Covid-related respiratory distress.


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Some of our employees are involved in the social project Foodsharing in their spare time. Here, edible food can be placed in foodsharing stations in Graz and the surrounding area to save it from going bad. Everyone is allowed to take food, regardless of need. It's all about preventing food waste. BT-Group Help supported this organisation by purchasing boxes that were urgently needed to store the food.