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BT-Group Help is the social engagement of companies from BT-Group and their employees.

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We have set ourselves the goal of providing sustainable, long-term support through a collaborative project in recycling!
We want to give them a share of responsibility for their future.
Helping them to help themselves!

This is the reason why we are investing part of our revenue in people, in particular children, for their future and for our environment!
So that they too can enjoy a life fit for human beings.



Investing in Children´s Future

Many regions of the world face significant environmental and hygiene challenges. So, children are also having to grow up in conditions that are unfit for human beings: Amidst garbage, contamination and illness, without education or a future!


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Our current Project in Africa:


This two-year project is currently in the implementation phase. Both schools and companies are involved in the implementation. The topic of plastic waste management in Highfiled and Harare is already being carried into schools. Waste is to be collected and shredded to make pellets from it. After about two years, this project should be self-sustaining. 




I will not change the world, but I can change the world for one person!

School fees for a whole year 

Many families in Zimbabwe cannot afford school fees for their children. Valuable knowledge and desirable prospects remain denied to them. 

With our support, many children receive a good education, and a  meal every day. BT Group Help receives details about each child from our local partner. This allows us to accompany these children for a part of their lives and give them a better perspective for their future.

You too can give children the chance of a good and livable future with a donation. 

Christmas Greetings
from Africa


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Your support for:


- Education for one year



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Recycling Equipment

- School project 
- Recycling project 



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Childhood & Environment

- School & Recycling
- Playground



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Expert knowledge

- Know-how Transfer



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BT-Group Help Together for the children of our world



Because ever child has the right to a happy childhood.


Give children a chance