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My write-off can be your value-added

One of the aspects we did not initially anticipate was the great demand for second-hand components and how much can be gained by them. According to the principle of: My write-off can be your value-added! Seeing a worker carrying out simple recycling in a room just short of 20 m² can leave a lasting impression. He sits on a box, 8 hours a day, using a knife blade to shred plastic boxes, which are then melted and processed into containers.

With only simple means and equipment that are no longer usable in our countries, great things can be achieved in these regions.

BT Group Help has invested in the purchase of a new plastic shredder including a cutter, an extruder and generators for the realization of the Kubatana project. This project aims to be self-financing after only two years of initial financial support. It involves schools and businesses with the aim of turning plastic waste into pallets and bringing new products to life.


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Required equipment like:
  • Sorting tables
  • Crusher
  • Shredder
  • Molding machine
  • Conveyor belts
  • Hopper
  • Etc.

Wir freuen uns, wenn Sie mit uns in Kontakt treten und Komponenten im Bereich Abfallaufbereitung & Recycling zur Verfügung stellen möchten.
Spenden in der Art können firmenmäßig abgeschrieben werden.
Nähere Informationen hierzu erhalten Sie von: Mag. Katrin Morales, Geschäftsführerin bei Menschen für Andere.




Mag. (FH) Angela Thaller

Tel.: +43 3117 25152 2276

Mag. Katrin Morales

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