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BT-Group Help is the social engagement of companies from BT-Group and their employees …

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Wolfgang Binder

Managing Director of the BT-Group and founder of BT-Group Help

“We have set ourselves the goal of helping the poorest continent in the world. This support should be supported both by creating and providing solutions and by donations in kind in order to be able conduct sustainable recycling. In addition, the support should be given directly to children in need.”



Silvia Schweiger-Fuchs

Managing Director of REDWAVE

“For those young girls and boys in Africa, who do not have the privilege of being born into a functioning municipal system and frequently grow up surrounded by rubbish and contamination, as well as poverty and illness, with hardly any opportunity of getting out of the downward spiral of poverty, it is our goal, to improve their lives, through long-term project work, in a sustainable and durable manner that also gives them a share of responsibility for their future. Helping them to help themselves! This is the reason why we are investing part of our revenue in people, in particular children, for their future and for our environment!


We went to Kenya and Zimbabwe at the end of January 2020 to view the situation first-hand. To get a close-up view, direct visits were made to schools, ghettos, the Ministry of Recycling and the Environment and many recycling companies, in order to develop feasible and sustainable collaborative projects using the support of the Jesuit Mission and the BT-Group.



Give children a chance


in January 2020