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India 2021

After the second wave of Covid-19, the demand for medical grade oxygen by health care institutions was so great that it soon outstripped production capacity of all available medical grade oxygen.

In this scenario, management of BT-Group Help contacted our REDWAVE partner in India Mr Kartik Chauhan, on how we could be helpful to people of India. It was agreed that best way to serve people would be to supply oxygen concentrators which could be placed in clinics, as well as in ambulances in remote rural centres were current health services were in more acute need of such equipment.

All these organizations have expressed their appreciation and gratitude to REDWAVE and BT-Group Helpe family for timely supply of life-saving equipment which has helped them save so many lives.

We are glad to see that our contribution signifies support to provide better Covid-19 healthcare services at rural healthcare centres in India. ??